Automation & Engineering

Automation & Engineering

Automation & Engineering

Automation solutions and engineering to sustainably increase productivity and raise the level of automation in your company. Our range of services includes consulting and potential analysis, process analysis and optimization, flexible automation solutions, robot integration and special machine construction.

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Automation solutions

Customised concepts for the automation of your processes

Do you want to automate manual processes? Your processes are already semi-automated and you are looking for possibilities to improve them? We will develop sustainable and future-proofed concepts/strategies with you, for the automation of your manufacturing processes.

Our range of services:

  • Consulting and potential analysis
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Robot integration and programming
  • Vision systems

Mechanical Engineering

Smart solutions for the entire process chain

Project planning and realization of mechanical engineering solutions - adapted to your needs. Taking into consideration all relevant safety and process parameters, we design and implement high-performance concepts and machinery.

Range of services:

  • General special machine construction
  • Assembly systems
  • Test stations
  • Feeding systems
  • Sorting systems
  • Maintenance and service
  • Retrofitting and optimization of existing systems
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Question & Answers

Which processes in my company are candidates for automation?

An important condition for the successful implementation of automation solutions is a detailed process analysis - economically and technically. The following indicators can help to identify initial potentials: Manual/repeatable activities, standardized process sequences, series character (small and medium series are also suitable). Contact us, we will be happy to carry out a process analysis with you and determine the corresponding potentials.

Can existing equipment be automated/partially automated?

Yes, existing machinery can also be automated or extended with a suitable concept. It should be analysed in advance whether the change in the existing process will produce the desired result and whether the extension will affect the existing safety concept of your machine.

Do you have flexible solutions/concepts that I can use on different machinery?

Through the possibilities of collaborative robotics and the design of mobile or stand-alone systems, flexible approaches are definitely possible.
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