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With the conveo modular gripper system, you can design your own gripping and cutting systems. Our modular system includes a tubular and a square profile system, as well as a variety of accessories such as grippers, quick-change systems, pneumatic and electrical accessories. If the standard component is not sufficient for your application, we will be pleased to develop a customized solution in cooperation with you.

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Gripping fingers

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Vacuum Technology

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Profile Technology

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Questions & Answers

Are the individual parts compatible with my previously used system?

Our gripping modular systems are compatible with systems commonly used in the industry. The clamping diameters of 10/14/20/30 mm are standard, as are the profile sizes in the rectangular range of 18x10, 18x18, 25x25, 25x50, 40x40 or 40x80, or diameters 16, 25 and 40 in the round range. If you are unsure about compatibility, we will be happy to check this for you.

There is not the right individual part in the gripper kit, what now?

If the right component for your application is not available, we will develop an individual solution together with you. You are in close contact with our development department so that you get exactly the solution you need. After production and verification of the first prototype, we jointly determine any development changes.

Can the jaw of a G20 gripper be changed in series operation without losing its position?

You can replace the individual jaws of our G20 directly on your removal hand without having to dismantle the gripper. The positioning of the tongs is thus maintained and there is no need for readjustment. The G20 gripper is equipped with two plastic covers for this purpose. After loosening the two screws, you can easily replace the jaws with any desired jaw.

How do I find the right suction cup for my application?

We support you in designing the right vacuum cup for your application. Send us your requirements for the suction cup and the process parameters of your application. Tests at our facility or at your site will help you find the right suction cup. Of course, we take into account topics such as surface and geometric properties, temperature requirements and, for example, LABS freedom.
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